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Butler service

Worry free after sales

Professional, worry - free, reliable to give you the ultimate service experience

Cleanwill provides specialist training, installation and after - sales service. All trainees must pass the test before operating the machine. During warranty period machine is checked and maintained every two month. Cleanwill has set up offices and strategic cooperative dealers all over the country to provide customers with specialized after-sales service personnel and one-to-one technical services to solve customers' problems at any time.

Professional training

When a machine is delivered by us or by our distributor, theoretical and practical training to specific operators of the machine will be provided, the training includes following contents:

1、Training outline

Introduction of machine structure and main parts

Specific operation instructions

Operation notice        

Daily maintenance

Trouble shooting

2、Inspection of training results. All trainees shall pass the test before operating the machine:

Theoretical test (written)

Operation test (on site)

Commonly used wearing parts replacement method test (on site)

Troubleshooting test (on site)

3、Installation and debugging

After the machine arrives at the destination, unbox to check for machine damage and completeness of accessories, then install accessories and stat the machine, check the working state of the machine by generally listening to the sound of motor during operation, check for abnormal noise, see the water absorption and dust absorption effect of the machine.

Training service

When a machine is delivered, Cleanwill shall provide theoretical and practical training to specific operators of the machine covering many aspects.